About LC Students

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Sunday AM Groups
Groups begin at 9:30am each week. All teens meet in the Youth Commons and are split into Middle and High School groups when we begin each morning.

Wednesday Night Youth Group
Our biggest gathering is Wednesdays at 7:00 upstairs in the youth room.  During this time students connect, encourage, and worship God together.  

High School Small Groups
Guy and girls small groups are on Tuesday nights at 7:00. 

We also have events on First Fridays (game nights), area-wide events with other youth groups, retreats, and other opportunities to connect and grow spiritually.


High School Girl/Guy Groups

Most Tuesday evenings at 7pm at the DeChillo House.

Small group is spiritual fight club. What happens here stays here, because we talk about real & deep issues going on in each other's lives. The girls are currently also talking through 'For the Love' by Jen Hatmaker.

We often will talk about issues that are culturally relevant or immediately pertaining to the students in the group.



Haiti Summer Mission Trip

July 2019

July of 2019 we are planning on going to Haiti for our summer mission trip. We have many things to do in preparation for this trip, but first we need to hear and learn about what God is doing in Haiti. On Wednesdays in August and September we will be discovering what God is doing in Haiti. Adults from our congregation will be teaching us about Haiti and the work we support there. Please such as Barbra Dean, Jenn McClung, and David Heath will be talking to us.

Going on a international mission trip is a transnational experience for your student(s) and for you. It is a shared experience that a family can reflect on for a lifetime. I want to invite you and your children to join us on Wednesdays at 7pm to learn more about Haiti.

Save the Date!

 Mini Trek

Mini Trek



 SLT Retreat

SLT Retreat

First Friday

  • December 7th

Winter Peak

  • March 1-3

Soul Quest

  • June 9-15

Haiti Mission Trip

  • July 2019