Sunday Morning, 9 AM


Class: Bible Study

Location: Main Level # 132
Facilitators: Phil Sykora & Mike Warner
Topic: Part 3 - The Story - The Bible as One Continuous Story of God and His People

Gain an understanding of God’s grand story of creation, redemption, and eternity with Him, and how the people and events of the Bible—as well as your life—fit into His plan.


Class: Going Deep

Location: Main Level #133
Facilitators: Gordon Bauer
Topic: Bible Greatest Hits

Think you have maxed out on personal benefit from familiar biblical passages? Think again! This class will remind us of important truths from scripture as well as go ‘below the surface’ to uncover greater insight and depth of meaning and application for our lives.


Class: Real Life

This Class begins October 16th

Location: Main Level #134
Facilitators: Ed Harrington
Topic: Facing Your Giants

We all have challenges in life. The same God who helped David through his challenges will help us as well.