Sunday morning

All Classes begin at 9:30am; NEW CLASSES BEGIN ON SUNDAY, APRIL 8TH

Class: Bible Study

Main Level - Myers' Theater #100
Moderator: Tim Kelley
Topic: Finding Ourselves in Second Corinthians
           "One of the earliest slogans of the Restoration Movement, from which we have come, was, “We want to be like the New Testament church.”  One response has been, “Which, New Testament church, Corinth?”  What this snarky response recognizes, is Corinth had a lot of problems. Maybe that’s why we are drawn to Paul’s letters to the troubled Corinthian church.  We have experienced troubled churches and maybe we’ve contributed to the trouble."

Class: Going Deep

Main Level #133
Moderator: ON BREAK

Class: Real Life

Main Level #134
Moderators: Carl Johnson
Topic: Glue - The 5th "G" (Connection & Community)