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Missions Sunday

November 2018

Team Lima Newsletter

March 2019

New Brother and Sisters in Christ

By Justin

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to a new brother and two new sisters in Christ! At our church retreat this past weekend, Jose Miguel, Merlin, and Cailyn clothed themselves with Christ in baptism. It was exciting to share in their decision to follow Christ. Jose Miguel and Merlin are Venezuelan and have become a part of our church body over the last six months. It has been a joy to watch the Lord captivate their hearts and minds, and we wait in hopeful anticipation for the future that God shapes in their lives. Of course, Alison and I were thrilled to baptize our daughter, Cailyn! For weeks now, she has been thinking about the Spirit’s movement in her life and felt the Spirit’s prompting to put on Christ in baptism. I am beyond grateful for the tribe of God's people who have poured into Cailyn, for the hours that Cailyn has spent with her Honey and Daddy-O (Alison’s parents) in study and prayer, and for the tenderness of her heart to yield and submit to Christ. It was a beautiful day of celebration and Son-shine!

Merlin, Jose Miguel, and Cailyn

Merlin, Jose Miguel, and Cailyn


Spiritual Growth

By Mark Clancy

Over the past several years, our team has been able to witness numerous members of our church family experience spiritual growth in ways that have encouraged us and given us confidence in the future of Aliento de Vida. We have seen this in their personal lives, as the Lord has given them greater passion for His Word, personal prayer, evangelism, and more godly interpersonal relationships. We have also seen this in their communal life, as the Holy Spirit has brought about greater unity, love, and strength to the entire church family. And most recently, we have seen this as numerous local Christians have continued to mature as leaders. Some lead powerfully through personal interactions, diligence in prayer, and often-unrecognized service. Others have stepped into roles of more visible leadership, through preaching, teaching, leading worship, and giving general leadership to the church family. As a team, it has been encouraging to see every aspect of this spiritual growth among so many members of our church family.

At the same time, we continue to pray for various people that have stepped away from their once-growing faith. Just as Jesus taught, some seeds inevitably fall on rocky and thorny soil, sprout quickly, but fail to thrive due to numerous factors. And there are others that continue to listen to the gospel message, but have yet to make a firm commitment of faith. Our hearts long to see repentance, renewal, and commitment in the lives of many Peruvians that we have come to love dearly. So, as a team, we continue to ask for your prayers for all of our Peruvian sisters, brothers, and seekers. Pray that God will continue to teach and lead those that are growing in ways that we couldn’t even imagine. And please pray that God would continue to work in the lives of those that are struggling to give full, undivided allegiance to the only true Lord.

ADV Retreat

Of course, we have some retreat photos that we would love to share! Peruvians planned this retreat with only minimal prodding from me, and they did a fantastic job. If I'm honest, I wondered if they would pull it off. They focused the retreat on the book of James and even made time for a group skit covering the book of Esther (the book we've been studying for the past several weeks). The Peruvians impressed me with their desire to explore God's Word during the retreat. Truthfully, they savored every moment of meditating, dwelling, studying, and discussing the texts. It was a great time with church family! Enjoy the pics!

Serving our Street Guard

By Justin

Alison wrote a short piece in the last newsletter about our friend, Celso and his family. I recently went to help him purchase a refrigerator for his home and was able to snap a couple of pics of the concrete wall surrounding his house. Again, I would like to say thank you to all of you who helped fund this project. It has made his house much safer for the kids and has made their space larger! I joyously watched their kids play in this new area, and the Spirit filled me with thankfulness for our partnership in the gospel. Together we carried God's light into a desperate situation! Together we give him glory!