cap-haitian, Haiti

The Littleton Church has partnered with Lucner Pierre in Port Au Prince, Haiti since 2008. Lucner preaches at the largest Church of Christ in Cap Haitian, Grandeur de Dieu. He also ministers to many of the churches in the northern region of Haiti and helps fellow Church of Christ preachers with weekly sermon preparation.

Lucner works to provide spiritual, financial, and humanitarian aide beyond his church and across the northern region of Haiti. In recent years, he has worked with organizations like the U.S. based Road to Hope Foundation to build the Methone school that he has been envisioning for a number of years. Haiti is a place of great need as it has taken hit after hit with hurricanes, floods, food shortages, cholera, and other natural disasters. With each natural disaster, Lucner is the person that steps in with resources and solutions. Lucner reported in 2016 that more than 150 people gave their lives to the Lord through different ministries in Haiti. Our partnership in the gospel is making a difference and positively contributing to the wellbeing of these Haitian churches.