TWIGS - Today's Women in Gods Service


 If interested in Bible Study in the fall, please email Sara Sykora.  Thank you!

TWIGS announces it’s new fall events! 

Thank you to all who attended our 2018 Ladies Day to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit and IMAX movie! We have 2 dinner groups and 2 tea groups available. Hope you can join one of these caring and fun groups.  Also the fall will be welcomed in with a Fall TWIGS Hike organized by Kamee Wearden.  And early December TWIGS will host a festive night with Melanie Johnson to get a jumpstart on the holidays.  We hope you can join us and spend valuable fellowship time with our wonderful ladies!

What a perfect plan God has for the fellowship of the women in the kingdom.  We need one another. . . we grow with one another. . . and we all benefit from the gifts we have been given to support one another.   Through the seasons of life we are transformed more and more into the women Christ wants us to be.  Our fellowship and reliance on each other as Christian women is a pivotal part in this process of growing closer to Christ.

TWIGS is about three things
• Providing opportunities for women to grow spiritually and nurturing their journey
• Providing meaningful experiences that are intergenerational & beneficial
• Encouraging the development of a strong relational and Christian bond