Commit to our mission. Coordinate vision. 
Create a three-year plan.


Reach3 is about listening to God and discerning His will. The purpose of Reach3 is to commit to our mission, coordinate vision and strategy, and create a three-year plan. We want to listen to God and discern His voice. To do this we want to listen to you, His church.

Your ideas are important to the ministries of this congregation, so we are inviting you to share your thoughts at one of four Listening Sessions to be held at the church building. 

You are invited to participate in a Listening Session

We began an Introductory Phase in the fall of last year and invited the congregation to join in a three-week-prayer period. We are also beginning a 21-Day fast called FAST21 on January 21. (Sign-up online).

In February, we will enter into the next phase of Reach3, Engagement. This will be accomplished through a series of Listening Sessions during which representatives of the congregation will meet with the church, our local neighbors, and community social service agencies.  From these sessions, we will develop a three-year strategy to better focus the ministries of our church.

For the success of Reach3, it is critical that we hear from every member of the congregation. If there is a schedule conflict with your assigned date, please ask to choose a different session and notify the office when you RSVP. There are a limited number of seats at each session so please try to attend the one you have been invited. Your involvement in Reach3 is very important to us.  (Scroll down to RSVP)

Ways to let us know you will be attending: 

You can RSVP by phone: 303-741-0265 || Email || or with the form below. 

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