Parent Meeting Recap

Keep scrolling for all of the info we discussed at the Parent Meeting on September 17th!

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Orange Strategy

Orange is simple. It's a strategy. It starts with 2 individual influences in a child's life: church and home. We all know that yellow and red make orange. Well to us yellow represents the church - the light of the world - and red represents the family - heart of the child. Alone these two work hard to make sure that every child has a better future. But when they are combined the church and home can have a greater influence. That is Orange and that is the curriculum we use and why we use it.  Copies of the years scope and cycle are available on the table beside the nursery door. 


Parent cue

Because we want what happens at church to continue at home, we want to "Cue" you to have conversations with your kids about what they are learning at church! These are adding extra time to your already busy day. These are times you already have with your kids: Bath Time, Bed Time, Meal Time, Drive Time, Hang Time. 

You can access the Parent Cue every week several ways:

-Printed Monthly: On the first Sunday of the month we will send home a Parent Cue packet for each age group

-Weekly Email: Each week we will send you a Parent Cue email that also serves as a newsletter and calendar

-App: The Parent Cue App is free! Download it today! In addition to the information that the other resources have, it also has music and videos!

-Blog and Podcast: The Parent Cue also has a blog and podcast! This provides lots of great parenting information and tips about every phase of a kids life.

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Nursery/Preschool news

-We have several volunteer needs in the nursery and preschool areas! Please email me to find out how you can help!

-Placemats: Every kid will receive a placemat on the first Sunday of the month. This placemat has the memory verse, bible stories for each week and some activities.

-Memory Verse Reward Charts: Pick up a reward chart for your preschooler! Help them learn their memory verse and initial (or you can use stickers) the chart every time they say it. If they have 4 initials every week they will get a SUPER FUN surprise!

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Elementary news

-GOD TIME Reward Charts: At the beginning of the month, you kids will get a set of God Time Cards. These are sheets that have 4 "devos" on them each week. We want your kids to learn to make "God Time" a priority in their life just like homework, practicing an instrument or soccer practice. Every time your child completes a devo, initial or sticker their chart. The kids that average 4 God Times a week will get to come to a special reward event! Any questions? Email me!

-Camp Eagle Lake: June 4-8

Next summer Camp Eagle Lake is coming to our church! This is a sleep away camp experience in our own backyard! The kids will come to the church from 9am-4pm June 4-8th. They will get all of the fun of camp without the home sickness and being away from their families. Check out this video that gives you a little taste!