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Justin & Alison Thompson

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Team Lima Newsletter

(October 2017)

Back at Full Strength

For the Thompson and Clancy families, furlough has come and gone! It has been an intense four months of being at half strength, with one family out on furlough and the other being present in Peru. We did, however, overlap our furloughs for two weeks at the end of July in order to give Peruvians an opportunity to spread their wings as a church body. Their experience without us turned out to be very positive! I was particularly proud of their maturity and responsibility to meet and worship together. In fact, my first Sunday back, I was an observer, watching my Christian brothers and sisters lead church without me. We have continued a pattern of greater Peruvian participation on Sunday mornings since this time, and the Lord continues to surprise me at each turn. Many of our Peruvian brothers and sisters are making great strides in their faith!

With the ability to observe, God has placed a couple of things on my heart, which should give us plenty to pray for during the remainder of 2017. First, I am hopeful that we can have a couple of leadership retreats, pulling together the main leaders of our church body in order to lead them through a time of mission and vision casting. I believe this will be important for Peruvians to take the mission and vision presented years ago by the missionaries and allow them to put their fingerprints on it. This church will one day we fully Peruvian without American missionaries, and we hope that they’ll be able to commit to the following the Holy Spirit’s lead in ministry within their contexts. 

Second, I am prayerful that we can eventually have a seminar or retreat to raise up more diligent teachers of the Word. Certainly if we are going to be able to leave behind a church body, we will need capable Bible teachers and preachers, and I would love to see us successfully work toward this goal. I invite you to join us in praying toward this goal. When you think about it, it’s not all that different from what Paul desired among his churches. He constantly strived to see all believers mature in their faith so that on the day of Christ, they might be presented as pure and blameless. Only maturity among our Peruvian brothers and sisters can move us closer to the day when our body of believers in Lima will be fully Peruvian-led.


Back Together Again: Team Lima Reunites

After more than five years, all five Lima Team families came together for a weekend in College Station, TX. So much life has happened since December 2012, when the first of our families transitioned out of our work in Lima. Of course, you know that two other families have phased out since then, which makes it increasingly hard for all five families to get together. Sure, there were times when four families were able to make it happen, but never all five families...until July 2017! These people are framily (friends + family = framily). My life is ever changed because God chose to bring us together. The last time we were all together, just before Christmas 2012, there were 22 of us (10 adults and 12 kids). Now, we are 28 strong (adding 6 kids to the previous number). Our time together was rich!


about the thompsons

Justin and Alison Thompson, along with their four children, Cailyn, Corban, Carter, and Chloe are missionaries in Lima, Peru. The Littleton Church adopted the Thompson family and their work in June 2012 as one of our lead mission points. Our partnership in their work ushered in a new vision for missions at the Littleton Church. The hope for this new vision is to more fully partner with a mission point, taking a more active and participatory role as a church body.

The Lima Team moved to Lima, Peru with a goal to plant churches and share the gospel with Peruvians. The metropolis of Lima has a population of almost 10 million inhabitants and is geographically located in the center of the country along the Pacific Ocean. It has certainly proved to be a difficult mission field, but one which has produced good fruit. After lots of prayer and discussion, they established themselves in a district in the southern part of Lima called Santiago de Surco. The church body, Aliento de Vida, is mostly made up of first generation Christians who have come into a relationship with Jesus Christ as a result of the work that God has done through the team, through Bible studies, marriage enrichment, sports activities, and everyday relationships. It has slowly grown from a handful of people to an average of 30 Peruvians meeting together on Sundays. Since moving to Lima in 2009, three of the families on the Lima Team have healthily phased out of the work and have returned to the United States. The Thompson family and their teammates, Mark and Kami Clancy, continue to work toward their goal of placing Aliento de Vida under the leadership of their Peruvian brothers and sisters and phasing out of the work.