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Justin & Alison Thompson

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Team Lima Newsletter

(November 2017)

October Rundown

October gave us a range of emotional experiences. It was a month that reminded us about the preciousness of this life and our responsibility to share the message of Jesus with others. About ten days ago, one of our Peruvian sisters lost her dad to a bout with cancer. Another friend, the father of several of our church members, appears to be in his final days, and by the grace of God, he seems to have accepted Jesus as his Savior. Moments like these are trying for a church body, especially when that community is small and made up of only a few families. However, if you’re looking, you can be fortunate enough to see the unifying power of prayer as a church family holds each other up.

Also in October, the women of the church came together and held a day retreat at the Clancy’s house. Alison and Kami helped Carla plan and lead the retreat. Fifteen ladies from church gathered and spent the morning talking about friendships and overcoming conflict through forgiveness. It was a beautiful morning spent in fellowship. Then on October 15th, our Peruvian brother Ivan Loayza (pictured below) preached and guided our worship time together. He brings great joy to our church body through his active participation and leadership. Each step he takes shows how the Lord continues to shape his life, and he sets an excellent example for how other church members can step up confidently into leadership at church.


On the Horizon. Please Pray.

For the next two Sundays (November 5th and 12th), our church body in Lima will gather to talk about our future. Our Peruvian brothers and sisters know that we, as missionaries, won’t be around forever. They know that our families will move back to the States in a couple of years. Little by little, they seem to understand that they are going to have to step up and lead this church. It’s an essential time of exploration and growth. It’s vital that Peruvians start thinking as leaders and co-workers in the gospel. When we returned from furlough in August, we watched as Peruvians led worship and handled church responsibilities. We saw and have seen since then several occasions when our brothers and sisters have shown great maturity. The next two Sundays provide an opportunity for Peruvians to steer and influence the direction and future of the church. As missionaries, we have preached and taught on our communal identity as a church. We have laid out plans and showed our congregation how to walk this life as Christians. Along the way, we have worked to stir their imaginations and extract what the Lord has been speaking to each of them. What is it that the Lord is calling them to do? Our time together during the next two Sundays will open a door for Peruvians to put their fingerprints on the identity to which God is calling them. As we meet, please pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire our Peruvian brothers and sisters. Pray for our eyes, ears, and hearts to be open the Spirit’s movements around us. Pray for God to give us the ability to discern the things that He will place on our hearts. Pray for leaders to arise and identify themselves as people who the Lord might be raising up to lead the congregation.


about the thompsons

Justin and Alison Thompson, along with their four children, Cailyn, Corban, Carter, and Chloe are missionaries in Lima, Peru. The Littleton Church adopted the Thompson family and their work in June 2012 as one of our lead mission points. Our partnership in their work ushered in a new vision for missions at the Littleton Church. The hope for this new vision is to more fully partner with a mission point, taking a more active and participatory role as a church body.

The Lima Team moved to Lima, Peru with a goal to plant churches and share the gospel with Peruvians. The metropolis of Lima has a population of almost 10 million inhabitants and is geographically located in the center of the country along the Pacific Ocean. It has certainly proved to be a difficult mission field, but one which has produced good fruit. After lots of prayer and discussion, they established themselves in a district in the southern part of Lima called Santiago de Surco. The church body, Aliento de Vida, is mostly made up of first generation Christians who have come into a relationship with Jesus Christ as a result of the work that God has done through the team, through Bible studies, marriage enrichment, sports activities, and everyday relationships. It has slowly grown from a handful of people to an average of 30 Peruvians meeting together on Sundays. Since moving to Lima in 2009, three of the families on the Lima Team have healthily phased out of the work and have returned to the United States. The Thompson family and their teammates, Mark and Kami Clancy, continue to work toward their goal of placing Aliento de Vida under the leadership of their Peruvian brothers and sisters and phasing out of the work.